Designed by Studio Porsche & Thermaltake, this smart gaming desk is ready for a productive multimonitor setup

Productive WFH setup has a lot to do with the ergonomics of the workstation – a reason enough for height-adjustable desks to be all the rage these days. Add gaming aesthetics to the equation and we are talking of a winning design tailored for a wide array of use-case scenarios.

While I myself am a huge fan of height-adjustable desks, the ARGENT P900 Smart Gaming Desk by Thermaltake got me stumped. The aesthetic piece of furniture designed in collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche has got it all when we talk of demanding users. Interestingly, the cool accessory is significantly different from other similar offerings on the market. While the claim of uniqueness by the maker will raise eyebrows, there’s a substantial inclusion to back it up and pique the interest of gamers and designers who are glued to their screens for the most part of the day.

Designer: Thermaltake and Studio F. A. Porsche

The smart desk priced at $2,200 aims to “game and work for the better” with useful features that blend in with daily usage. Things like adaptable RGB lighting effects, or the scheduled desk height adjustment. Everything is customizable via the accompanying RGB Desk Mobile App which also records usage habits to make automatic adjustments over time. ARGENT P900 also has a built-in smart panel to do all the changes at arm’s length. The highlighting USP of this desk is the anti-collisions safety sensor which detects any unwanted objects when lowering the height. So, you won’t be bumping the lowering desk into your Aeron chair.

Another advantage here is the second space for a dual-monitor setup to ergonomically place the screens and utilize the space underneath for keeping important stuff. Obviously, it gets a cable management system to keep all the clutter away from the peripheral view. The desk has a headset hanger and cup holder built-in for the desired multi-functional setup. That rear-facing RGB lighting bar can be controlled via the app and the desk height is toggled at 4 programmable heights anywhere between 70 cm – 100 cm. To top it off, the carbon fiber look makes it visually sync perfectly with any modern setup.