Absolutely surreal Yoga and Wellness Retreat is designed to look like a dancing peacock

A retreat designed to look so beautiful, it’ll instantly melt your stress away.

Designed by Thilina Liyanage, this Yoga & Wellness Retreat concept takes the shape of a peacock mid-dance, with its plumage spread out in a large fan, creating a shelter underneath. Liyanage’s style has heavily leaned on nature-inspired architecture, with the use of natural materials like wood and bamboo. The Yoga & Wellness Retreat is no different, with a design so instantly iconic, you’d recognize it from a mile away!

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

Designed to be instantly eye-catching, the massive peacock-inspired yoga center hovers above the ground, making it visible from a distance. The structure is made primarily of bent bamboo, with fabric draped over parts of it to help cut sunlight during harsh sunny days. The retreat’s most impressive feature, however, is the presence of lights on all of the peacock’s tail feathers. These light up at night to create a light show that simply sparks childlike joy!

The dome-shaped space uses a ‘tesselation’ of three peacocks, creating three points of entry for the yoga center. Located amidst a forest with a water-body on one end, the retreat is as idyllic as it can get, and just spending a couple of days there is guaranteed to melt your stress away! The circular space can be used for yoga, meditation, tai chi, among other activities that help rehabilitate people mentally and physically.