This tent-inspired wireless charging dock adds a touch of liveliness to your tabletop

Working as a charger, multiport hub, and even a wire-organizer, ‘HUT on the reeds’ by Yeeun Son is a quirkily designed piece of tech that explores the intersection between tech and decor… or ‘techor’.

It styles itself as a hut, or rather a simplified version of a hut (let’s just call it a tent) that rests on a ‘grassy patch of land’. The hut’s hollow design houses a wireless charging coil, multiple USB ports, and enough empty space to hide/conceal those ugly charging cables that would otherwise be strewn across your desk. The HUT’s base comes with a ridged surface that lets you prop phones up, and even do things like rest pencils and pens!

Designer: Yeeun Son

The HUT comes in two sizes, a smaller size that works well with phones, and a larger size that also lets you dock tablets, should you choose. While most tablets don’t support wireless charging, the same large-size HUT can be used to charge phones simultaneously too!

The smaller and larger HUTs are built differently. The smaller variant sports multiple USB-A and USB-C ports, while the larger one acts as a multiplug. The smaller one is perfect for bedside tables, etc. while the larger one works well with laptops and desktops which come with their heavy-duty chargers and peripherals.

A nifty cutout lets you draw multiple wires/cables from the HUT without them cluttering the place.

The silicone mat provides the perfect grip for tech and stationery.

The wireless charging coil on the inside of the HUT is placed at an elevation, allowing it to charge phones while standing, but making it challenging for charging your AirPods.