This ingenious nail clipper leaves you fewer reasons not to trim your nails

Hygiene is an important part of modern human life. It helps keep our bodies healthy and maintain good social standing, setting us apart from even the smartest of animals. Just like with exercise and proper diet, however, not everyone dutifully keeps up with all aspects of their personal hygiene for various reasons. Most will probably blame it on laziness, but lacking proper and convenient tools is also to blame most of the time. Without easy-to-use and comfortable tools, people are more likely to procrastinate on doing something. Clipping nails to a proper or beautiful trim, for example, should be easy, but the devil in the details says otherwise. This nail clipper, however, takes away all the excuses you might have, and it does so in a rather creative and almost amusing way.

Designer: Yoshita Handi-Design Studio

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We’ve probably all been there, whether clipping our own nails or doing it for others as a job. It should be an easy task, definitely easier than cutting your hair, and nail clippers make it as safe and as painless as possible. The curved blades of a clipper are designed to conform to the general shape of nails, but they don’t really fit all nails and all fingers and toes. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself twisting your wrist uncomfortably just to make a proper cut.

This Rotating Clipper solves that problem in a way that’s so simple you’ll wonder why no one has done it before. Instead of the typical straight clipper, the blades on this clipper can swivel around to change their angle. The rest of the body can remain in the same position, so you can still apply the same amount of force on the lever while also reaching the angle you want for the perfect nail shape.

Beyond this crafty trick, the clipper is also something you’ll be proud to display for everyone to see. It has an almost brutalist aesthetic to it, with its large shapes and sharp edges. At the same time, however, it has just enough curves to make it attractive and noticeable as something that’s clearly not your average nail clipper. Those curves aren’t just for show, though, as they also improve your fingers’ grip on the tool. The clipper’s large body also makes it easier to hold, providing confidence in each snip. Because its blade is an independent part, it can be as small as needed without dictating the size of the lever.

The clipper looks as good as it feels under your fingers, and it’s definitely made to last. Made from high carbon stainless steel, the blade is guaranteed to keep its sharpness for a long time, especially when maintained properly. The frame and the lever are made with aluminum alloy in an anodized finish, giving it a rougher appearance and texture, which also helps in keeping the clipper from sliding off your fingers.

Personal hygiene shouldn’t be a hassle, especially with the technologies and creative minds that we have today. The best tool doesn’t have to be advanced or sophisticated; it just has to get the job done with fewer problems. And just like this Rotating Clipper, all it takes is seeing the problem from a different angle.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.