Polaroid ventures into musical lanes with colorful Bluetooth speakers that make an impact

If you have been a photographer or love photography, chances are you have used or at least are familiar with the name Polaroid. After giving us colorful cameras to make photography impactful, Polaroid is venturing into the musical lanes with a series of four consumer-oriented speakers that are reminiscent of the company’s vibrant image.

The line of speakers is released in different sizes and price points to give all types of consumers a choice that suits their pocket and style. The playful Polaroid image reflects instantly in the hues that these speakers boast, which are an embodiment of the company’s decades of perfection. The exciting Bluetooth speakers in addition to doing absolute justice to the Polaroid’s image are equally effective when it comes to their audio performance.

Designer: Polaroid

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The four speakers in question are simply called P1, P2, P3, and P4. The basic naming doesn’t at all mean that these music players are in any way inferior to the competition. They may not boast support for voice assistants or any fancy connected features to go with their cute image, but all of them have the hues to floor us. The little, cube-shaped Polaroid P1 music player the company says “is apple size.” The absolutely compact device is pairable to other speakers in the lineup for a more robust sound and it can play music for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It is the only device with IPX5 waterproof rating, making it splash resistant. In fact, all the speakers can be paired with a simple tap and have the same music flowing through all the rooms of your house.

With 15 hours of playback time, P2 arrives in size roughly twice that of the P1. It is more powerful in comparison but equally portable to take anywhere you like. P3 with polished metal handle for portability as opposed to wrist strap on P2, the speakers are pretty identical in shape but this guy outpowers the P2 in output quality. The largest and loudest of the Polaroid speaker line up, the P4 music player can fill the largest of rooms with sound. This watermelon-sized speaker also boasts 15 hours of playback time.

All these colorful and powerful Polaroid speakers feature an array of handles and straps for easy transport. You can wear them on the wrist or carry them in Boombox style, the choice is yours! All the speakers, except for P1 feature an exciting, but small LED screen that dances with music and gives out some information. The most exciting thing about the Polaroid speaker lineup is that they can tune into the company’s radio stations and offer a lovely heart button to share for a song you love. If you are interested, the square-shaped P1 is priced at $59.99; compatible with Polaroid Music App, the P2 is priced at $129.99; Polaroid P3 will set you back $189.99; while the biggest of them all, the P4 music player, available in black and yellow, will cost $289.99.