Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and Pedals elevate racing sim experience to god level

Logitech is making all the news today with quite a few announcements breathing down our neck. The one that’s making all the limelight though – the gaming brand’s new racing wheel and pedals for hardcore gamers who’ll go any length for maximum in-game immersion.

The PRO racing Wheel and the PRO racing Pedals aim to elevate the simulation of sim racing to an unprecedented level for compatible gaming titles and platforms like PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PC.

Designer: Logitech

According to Logitech G (brand’s gaming wing), the steering wheel very closely emulates the car’s feedback, just like it would be in the real world. Thus, racing game pros can feel every jerk or turning stress with 100 percent accuracy. It’s almost like being right there on the racing track. The gaming accessories are designed keeping in mind the professional sim drivers.

The heart of the racing wheel is the high-performance Direct Drive engine and the high-definition TRUEFORCE feedback technology for “pure connection to racing.” The motor generates 11-newton meters of force with a very low-latency response. When mated to the TRUEFORCE tech, the racing wheel is capable of delivering never-before-experienced realism.

According to rising star Formula-1 racing driver Lando Norris (team McLaren), the G PRO Racing Wheel simulates the real-time conditions of the track and how the car chances during the race. After spending time with the wheel, Lando said, he feels like being right there on the track even when he enjoys simulated runs in his home.

Richard Neville, head of simulation and controllers for Logitech Gaming further retreats this fact by explaining that they have analyzed everything in detail right from how many gear shifts, turns and impacts an 11-newton meter wheel takes, to which materials and components will last through even the most grueling racing conditions.” The wheel also has a precise button and dial placement along with the magnetic gear shift paddles, and dual-clutch paddles for a tactile analog response for varied gaming functions.

The new set of pedals is the perfect alibi for the racing wheel, as they are equipped with the load cell on the brake for the braking pedal, and contactless hall-effect sensors for the clutch and gas. The three pedals have pressure detection technology for realistic muscle memory and consistent performance. The G PRO Racing Pedals can be adjusted to be soft or firm depending on the gamer’s preference.

For professional gamers who want to invest in a state-of-the-art setup, the Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and the Racing Pedals will come at a price tag of $999 and $349 respectively.