This might be the thinnest travel cutlery set in the world

Fitting literally into a 6mm chopstick, the QUTLERY is easily one of the slimmest full-size cutlery sets we’ve seen. It’s small enough to slide into your pocket or bag, basically anywhere you’d store a pen… and it’s just about as light as one too.

Proof that good design can always help push boundaries, the QUTLERY is deceptively small, but opens out to give you a no-compromise experience. With an approach that resembles low-tolerance tool design, the QUTLERY comes with a small stainless steel body and precisely interlocking parts that let it turn into a fully functional fork, a steak knife, a pair of chopsticks, or a skewer. Each unit comes with a multi-part design, featuring an outer body, an inner sleeve, as well as the fork, knife, and chopstick docking elements all nested into a singular form. When needed, all you do is pull the docking element out and fix it onto the outer body which serves as the cutlery’s handle.

Each module is designed to balance portability and function. The fork module comes with a design that allows the prongs to compress when docked inside the slim sleeve, and spring open when removed, making it easy to pierce and hold your food. The steak knife module, on the other hand, is remarkably sharp for its size, and comes sharpened by legacy craftsmen at Yoshisada in Kyoto. With over 360 years of experience in crafting knives, blades, and even swords, Yoshisada’s work on the QUTLERY’s blade speaks for itself. The tiny blade is powerful enough to cut through everything from tough steaks to even slicing corn off a cob with minimal effort. Nested within the other side of the QUTLERY are the chopstick modules which, along with a removable inner metal sleeve, turn into two full-sized chopsticks. The chopsticks stack end to end too, turning into a long skewer that you can use to grill marshmallows, veggies, or some delicious kebabs. When all is said and done, the QUTLERY can be rinsed off (they’re dishwasher safe too) and docked back together, turning into a 6mm thin pen-shaped form that slides right back into your pocket!

Designer: Takefumi FUJIKI

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QUTLERY: A Portable Precision Cutlery Set of Knife, Fork, Chopsticks

The QUTLERY is a full-size cutlery that can be stored in a 6 mm (0.23 in) or 8 mm (0.32 in) pipe, for easy portability. The pipe is used to connect the cutlery and make full-length forks, steak knives and chopsticks.

The QUTLERY is compact and lightweight and uses a patented technology for connecting the cutlery and the pipes without rattling. To realize this method, 0.1 mm level precision machining is carried out.

The QUTLERY is manufactured by an electrical discharge wire machine for precision machining, and this method is never used in normal cutlery manufacturing.

Steak Knife

The Steak Knife is sharpened at the smithing workshop Yoshisada, which was established 360 years ago in Kyoto, Japan. The craftsmen have manually sharpened the knives individually, and imbibes the beauty of a Japanese sword. Although it is small in size, it is incredibly sharp.

It is, of course, capable of cutting through steak, and it can even cut through a cob of corn. In case the knife begins to get dull, it can be sharpened again, using any commercial knife sharpener.


The Fork’s tongs are packed like a spring and designed to expand. When you want to put it away, you pinch them with your fingers to fit them back into the pipe holder.

The spread of the tongs makes it great for salads, and makes it easy to twirl pasta onto. It is very convenient for eating.


The Chopsticks contain an extra tube and tip section inside. Once assembled they can be used as normal chopsticks. They are made up of a 6mm pipe and 5mm pipe and are designed for the thicker pipe to remain fixed while you move the smaller one.

The slender tips of the Chopsticks are their defining point and though they are thin, they can handle soft foods like tofu without issue, which compliments their ease of use.

By combining the two Chopsticks you can create a skewer, which is perfect for roasting marshmallows!

Click Here to Buy Now: 3pcs set for $92 $175 (47% off). Hurry, only 3/10 left!