Slope is an analog writing tool and organizer that takes your note-making to the next level

As someone who loves combining digital and analog elements in my workflow, you’ll even find my desk filled with my laptop, tablet, various notebooks, and of course the ubiquitous sticky notes. So you might say my workspace can become a little cluttered. While this works for me (well at least most of the time), there might be people who would prefer a less messy space and go more minimalist. While just using your desktop may be the key, there are still times when you need to write down things and normally, stick notes are the way to go.

Designer: FluidStance

But if you want to try and eliminate more disposable paper products in your life, there are tools out there trying to help you declutter. The Slope is a “personal desktop whiteboard with pen” that you can slot right in between your monitor and your keyboard. So yes, it is simply a magnetic dry-erase whiteboard but instead of being on your wall or on the side, it is right in front of you and angled in such a way that it is perfect for your list-making or reminder-listing writing needs.

It is made from bent steel sheet and is powder-coated so it’s pretty smooth and easy to use as well as giving you a premium dry-erase surface. It is also magnetic so you can attach your whiteboard markers if they’re magnetic. If not, there’s a space at the top to place them as well as space at the back to store your separate eraser. There’s a silicone phone holder if you need to have your mobile device in front of you and there’s also an opening in it so you can place your charger.

If you’re not using your keyboard, you can slip it under the sloped whiteboard so you can have space to eat or for your other stuff while taking a break. It’s a simple enough thing to use although I would prefer it if there was a way you could save what you were writing into the cloud or if you could digitize it if you need to save what you wrote. But as an analog tool, it’s something interesting for the desktop users out there who have a separate monitor and keyboard.