3D-printed covers can help you re-use bottles and jars

I sometimes stare at my kitchen, thinking of whether to throw away all the knick-knacks like bottles, containers, and every other thing that I seem to have collected over the past few months. It would of course be easier to throw them away but that is not so kind to mother earth. Products that will help me upcycle these items are always welcome, especially if these products are recycled or upcycled themselves. If we don’t have a recycling center near, it’s a good idea to try and reuse all the waste you have lying around.

Designer: extrude.studio

3D technology has also made recycling and upcycling a bit easier, giving us even more ideas on how to repurpose materials and waste. The Upcycled Jars Collection is one such project that gives us different kinds of jar tops or covers so you can reuse the glass bottles or containers that are just lying around. All you do is screw the top you need on your bottle, use it, clean it, then use a different top the next time. The covers are made from used bioplastic packaging waste collected in Europe and then 3D printed in the Parisian region.

For plant parents, there’s a self-watering pot cover that has a wick that will send the water up to the plant’s soil. Artists can use the paintbrush holder that has a thin wall on the side that will drain the excess water for when they’re painting. For those working or studying, there is a pencil pot that has space to hold pens, scissors, erasers, and other office supplies. If you just want to use the bottle as a regular container, there’s a regular cover.

There are also several covers for self-care and other related hobbies. There’s a candle holder, incense holder, and a knock box to store your spent coffee grounds. There’s also a soap holder that makes it easier for you to grab your soap and it is also able to collect the dripping water. If you’re saving up money, you can use the piggy bank cover. And if you want to waste money by smoking, there’s also an ashtray cover. They have also made some of these designs available in a library for 3D files so users can print them on their own.