These circuit board coasters let you get your geek on at parties

Many people probably want to impress guests with their furniture and home decor during social gatherings. Those can go anywhere from a new coffee table to a fancy shelf to maybe even a hi-tech gaming desk. Occasions such as these often involve drinks in glasses or even bottles that could ruin the otherwise pristine surfaces of wood, metal, or even plastic. That’s how coasters strike two birds with one stone, protecting furniture while also showing off some of your tastes. Coasters can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, some even sticking to a specific theme. This set, for example, is a fine way to spark your guests’ interest and subtly flaunt your inner geek.

Designer: MODelivery

There was a time when being labeled as a “geek” meant the end of your social life. While some of that stigma still remains today, “geek culture” has become a more widely accepted phenomenon that is earning big bucks too. Superhero movies and shows are billion-dollar businesses as much as gaming continues to be. Almost everyone knows how to use computers these days, and some are even pushing for programming to become a basic subject taught to grade school students.

This wider acceptance is partly thanks to the role that computers and electronic devices play in today’s civilization, and nothing represents such products better than the good old PCB or printed circuit board. Acting as the nervous system of computers and advanced electronics, circuit boards are easily identifiable and memorable for decades, unlike floppy disks. And as it turns out, they make pretty good decorative products as well.

These coasters are the real deal, at least as far as the accuracy of their lines or traces goes, as well as the materials used for their production. The patterns are actually based on a real PCB for a microcontroller, not unlike the popular Arduino that modders and makers just love to use. Instead of simple copper, however, the traces use a super-thin layer of gold to make them really stand out and retain their luster over time.

These aren’t just for show, of course, as the coasters are also treated to make them insensitive to extreme temperatures. This makes them perfect for setting down any kind of drink, be it a cold soda can or a hot mug of coffee. Whether you’re showing off at parties with like-minded individuals or just looking for a coaster that reflects your interests, these PCB coasters definitely offer an eye-catching way to protect your table from stains and precipitation.