Minutes rotate and hours jump to different position every 60 minutes on Hautlence Vagabonde Series 4

There are a few time-forward watches that have intriguing caseback and an even more exciting dial. If you’re not me, you may beg to differ; but with the Vagabonde Series 4 by Hautlence, I can choose to speak no different.

Hautlence offers many path-defining wandering hours timepieces on the market and the Vagabonde Series 4 is an extension of the models with a caseback you’d want to flaunt. The dial of course is way beyond the league, adding complication that is rarely tried by many horologists. Featuring the brand’s signature TV-screen case made from satin-finished, polished stainless steel; the watch measures 43mm by 50.8mm and has a decent 11.9mm thickness. The forested brass dial has fixed four discs that orbit around the revolving central minutes disc. The automatic movement in the core powers the hours and minutes discs to revolve around the central axis.

Designer: Vagabonde

Understanding the dial is a little typical. As time passes, the sapphire minute disc rotates clockwise while the sapphire hours disc below reveals a number through the cut-outs in an arrow-shaped pointer to display the correct time. The dial is surrounded by polished steel protrusion on the left side and a steel crown circled with a blue rubber ring on the right side. The ultra-modernized Vagabonde Series 4 dial may seem complicated to read, but the interesting contraption is designed to let minutes tick away slowly while the hours constantly jump to the next number after every 60-minute circle.

Water resistant to 10ATM, the Vagabonde Series 4 is powered by a B30 in-house automatic movement made up of 197 components. The movement, visible through the inventive sapphire caseback uses 34 jewels and offers the watch 72 hours of power reserve. The watch features a lug-less design, which means the paired blue rubber strap is integrated directly into the steel case to present the watch with an incredibly premium look. According to Hautlence, the Vagabonde Series 4 is strictly limited to 28 examples, which shall retail for CHF 30,000 (USD $30,500) each.