Wobbly penholder concept makes a cute desk knick knack

When you spend a lot of time on your work area, you need to surround yourself with things that can amuse or delight you in the midst of the long to do lists and endless emails. I like placing random, cute, and unique stationery pieces or decorations just so I have something nice to look at and sometimes, they’re useful too. Of course you need to take a break every once in a while from work so sometimes you need to have something to “play with” that’s not a screen.

Designer: Arundhati Malkhede

Wobbler is a product concept for a penholder that looks like the way it sounds. It’s a thingamajig to hold your pens and other small pieces of stationery and supplies. But instead of being stable and actually stationary, it wobbles around in order to amuse or distract you. It actually looks like a lamp with its circular and cylindrical design but instead of lighting your desk, it’s actually keeps your office or school stuff organized.

The cylindrical part that looks a bit like an hourglass is where the pens are placed. It’s transparent so you’ll still be able to see the various colors and designs of your pens, scissors, or whatever long office item you want to put there. There’s also space underneath that to put paper clips, staple wires, rubber bands, or other small items you want to keep nearby. There’s a section underneath that opens up as a small storage compartment to put erasers, small staplers, and other small items.

There’s a weighted bottom that keeps the entire thing from toppling over even as it wobbles. But if you want to keep it steady or if it’s becoming too heavy, you can remove the ring from the top and use it as a stable base. The product renders show various colors and color combinations so you can also get a splash of color on your desk, aside from the wobbly design. I’d like to add this to my collection of unique desk knick knacks even if I might eventually get dizzy from all the wobbling.