MelGeek Pixel lets you customize your keyboard using LEGO-like bricks and minifigs

There are dozens of keyboard designs available in the market targeting different audiences, from the suave professional to the chic influencer. Almost all of these keyboards come with a fixed design, and all but the most expensive mechanical keyboards for gamers let you customize their appearances. Even then, however, you’re still limited to the parts and designs that the manufacturer provides rather than having free reign on how you want your keyboard to look. When it comes to creative freedom, there is probably nothing that beats LEGO blocks, and this mechanical keyboard tries to bring that same system so that you can customize your own keyboard to match your style and mood without locking you into a single design.

Designer: MelGeek

The most customizable keyboards offer is the freedom to change keycaps. Many gaming keyboards have RGB lights that you can also personalize through software. Other than that, however, you’re mostly stuck with the color and design of the keyboard chassis, and you only get to choose from a selection of pre-made keycap designs anyway.

That’s what makes the MelGeek Pixel mechanical keyboard quite liberating. It uses a “LEGO-inspired” system that lets you customize almost every part of the keyboard. Both the front and the back of the keyboard are like blank slates, and you can create any blocky design you want. You can even set up mini-figures on top to give the keyboard a unique flair. Of course, you’ll have to make sure those don’t get in the way of your typing.

The customization options go beyond just the chassis, though. All the keys are studded, and you can remove them to customize the keys underneath. This way, you don’t have to settle for a single color and mix and match patterns to your heart’s content. MelGeek doesn’t mention which mechanical keycaps are used, only that it uses a gasket mount design. The keyboard’s LEGO theme continues even to its USB connectors, making sure that no piece looks out of place.

The Pixel Keyboard isn’t just all looks, of course. It has the standard features of a pro mechanical keyboard, including customizable RGB lights and both wireless and wired connections. Of course, its real appeal is its retro 8-bit aesthetic, thanks to its blocky design, which you can customize over and over again. If one day you decide you no longer like what you made, you can simply just start all over again. Your imagination and patience are the only limits.

The keyboard isn’t that expensive either, at least for a highly customizable mechanical keyboard, though it only has a pre-order price at the moment. The Pixel’s LEGO-like design will definitely not appeal to everyone, but it’s probably the next best thing to having a fully customizable keyboard you can change to suit your tastes and whims.