Adorable pet-friendly armchair was designed for both humans and cats to lounge in

Rather aptly titled ‘Sharing Joy’, this award-winning chair comes with a side table for humans to place their books and cups of tea/coffee on, and a crawl space for cats to casually lounge in (complete with a suspended toy for them to play with).

What I personally love about Sharing Joy is that it subscribes to a broader vision of what lounging is and who can ‘lounge’. Designed for humans and cats to cozy up in, the chair comes with a hollow, oblong backrest that’s perfectly sized for an adult cat (or a tiny dog) to crawl into and laze around in. Moreover, the idea of having the human and pet lounging together against each other sounds like absolute perfection. 10/10 will give you the happiness hormones.

Designer: Zhe Gao

The chair sports a minimalist aesthetic that fits in most contemporary homes and comes with a soft design language that’s inviting to humans and cats alike. “The cat and the owner can relax and meditate on the same chair and spend a good time together without disturbing each other’s space”, says designer Zhe Gao

The Sharing Joy chair comes with a canvas fabric covering that can comfortably take on a cat’s claws as well as mask any fur they leave behind. A table/armrest on the left is big enough to rest a notebook or maybe a cup of coffee along with a saucer of biscuits. The hollow backrest, on the other hand, comes with its own dangling cat toy that your pet feline can playfully swipe at for hours at an end. Don’t have a pet? Well, just use that hollow space to store books and magazines! Win!!

The Sharing Joy armchair is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.