This tiny mechanical keyboard was designed specifically for gaming purposes

Don’t expect to do much with The Shrimp. As its name indicates, this miniature version of a keyboard only comes with the keys you’d need while gaming. Designed expressly for gaming (and nothing more), the mechanical keyboard occupies a fraction of the space on your table and even comes with its own wrist cushion for comfortable gaming over long hours!

Most PC games are designed in a way to only require a handful (quite literally) of keys, and preferably the ones within the reach of your left hand, given that your right hand sits on a mouse. Keeping that template in mind, the Shrimp eliminates the keys on the extreme right side of the keyboard, only providing the ones directly within the reach of your left hand. In doing so, The Shrimp pretty much focuses all its efforts on being a mini keyboard that’s built just for gaming – sort of like a keyboard-controller hybrid in terms of shape versus a usability focus.

Designer: Nordic Game Supply

Unveiled by Nordic Game Supply, The Shrimp isn’t meant to replace your current keyboard (it literally can’t), but rather provide a situation-specific gadget that’s perfect for avid gamers. Perfect for laptop gamers who like the feel of mechanical keys but don’t have the space on their desk to fit an entire mechanical keyboard, The Shrimp really fills that void, providing a tactile experience that’s tailor-made for your needs but is also built to be comfortably compact.

Armed with 25 Gateron G Pro switches that are paired perfectly with classic Cherry keycaps, The Shrimp gives you the beloved tactile experience of a mechanical keyboard designed for the avid gamer. The keys come with large lettering to make them visible at all times, and they’re even RGB backlit (because it wouldn’t be a gaming keyboard otherwise). Two knobs on the top let you control aspects like volume or even toggle through game features (like your weapon wheel), and a USB-C port lets you hook The Shrimp to desktop PCs, gaming laptops, and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

Pricing on The Shrimp hasn’t quite been revealed yet, but NGS has hinted at 4 color variants, and a matching wrist cushion to go with each keyboard.