Handheld garment steamer with an adjustable head lets you both steam coats and iron clothes

Looking sort of like something that would come from the mind of a Dyson design team, the Ranvoo Garment Steamer comes with a design that’s both compact and versatile, making it perfect for using both at home as well as on the go. Sort of assuming a flat-packed shape, the steamer fits well within any suitcase, and comes with a rotating head that lets you set it up for use.

The way you use the Ranvoo Garment Steamer is just about as simple as it gets. Just power the machine, fill the reservoir with water, and use the steaming head to un-wrinkle clothes. The rotating head can be used in any orientation, giving you the kind of coverage you need and allowing you to move the steamer in either vertical or horizontal orientations. Thanks to the marginally thicker handle (which houses the water reservoir), this gadget also has a much slimmer form factor, given that the electronics and water reservoir are elegantly separated.

Designer: Zhinan Huang

What really sets this particular appliance apart is its approach to visual aesthetics. Instead of taking on a more appliance-like appearance, the Ranvoo Garment Steamer ditches the plastic design for a more satin metal finish, with no ergonomic or organic curves. The steamer prioritizes straight lines for the handle, which immediately makes it look like it’s made from extruded machined aluminum, and the anodized colors on the steam head take on a metallic color too, almost reminiscent of the ones found on the iPhone – you’ve got midnight green, rose gold, and black!

The Ranvoo Garment Steamer is intuitive to use and comes with a single-button interface that allows you to switch it on or off. Your hand is never in contact with the steamer head, so there’s a lower likelihood of betting burnt, and at just 42mm thick, the steamer has the same form factor as a small book or novel, making it perfect to carry around wherever you go!