Swiveling side table lets you interchange table tops and save space

When we first started working from home during the pandemic, a lot of people had to adjust their living spaces to be able to work properly. While things haven’t really returned to the old normal, there are those that are already working permanently from home or who will be working hybrid from now on. That leaves furniture designers with a lot of ideas to play around with to make this semi-permanent shift better for those who need additional stuff at home. Side tables are just some of the furniture that can be explored and improved.

Designer: Eugenie de Loynes

The Swivo table design is one thing that those working without a desk will want to have. It’s not just a piece of furniture that you can place things on while sitting on your couch, although it is definitely that. But it has three layers so you can use it for different purposes. You can even interchange the two tabletops depending on what you will be needing that day or time. The base can slide under your chair or couch to basically keep it nearer to you and saves a bit of space in your area.

While working, you can use the bigger tabletop which is 28 inches big so it can fit your laptop and even have some other devices or notebooks that you will need. Underneath, the smaller 21-inch tabletop can hold your coffee mug or book that you need to consult later on. After work, you can interchange the two so you store work stuff underneath and have your cocktail within easy reach. They can both swivel in any direction so it’s easy to move things around.

There is also a rack underneath the two table tops that you can use for your magazines or even small clothing items that you may need to be near you while working or relaxing. Despite having all these “features”, the Swivo is pretty minimalist in terms of its look and design. It is made from natural beech wood and white metal so you get a soft and natural feel and will fit right into whatever aesthetic you’re going for in your home.