Portable Bluetooth speaker with three different use cases presents a new standard for audiophiles

Bluetooth speakers generally offer that magnanimous opportunity to blast substantially clear music at the beach or listen to your favorite podcasts at home. Some of these speakers are designed to be carried away in the backpack, while some are bigger in size, ideal for use indoors. Pitching in here is the third category; a modular Bluetooth speaker that is designed to alter shape to fit your desired option!

Ocelli- The Split Speakers by Indian concept designer Shantanu Maheshwari transverses the thin line of size and requirement. It offers consumers a choice to pick one speaker that’s apt for both stationary and portable usage and do a little more. The interestingly designed speaker system is conceived to split in the middle so you can have two small speakers to carry in your backpack.

Designer: Shantanu Maheshwari

From how the designer puts it, the idea of splitting the speaker in half is inspired by the cleave separating eyes of a bee. The form has been specifically chosen for its friendliness and convenience. The Bluetooth speaker is divided in the center by a metallic strip that binds the two speakers together. The nice mesh body, metallic connection, and three choices of colors give it an incredibly entertaining design aesthetic bound to appeal to all audiophiles.

The Ocelli comprises two speakers and a metallic unit, which also acts as a charging pod. The speakers on either side can split from the pod to be used separately and offer freedom to enjoy music anywhere. When you want to use the speaker as a single cohesive unit, the speakers magnetically snap back – one other side – into the charging pod. To charge (via USB Type-C), the two speakers need to be connected to the middle strip, which has the charging port at the back and an interactive display on the front.

This screen on the charging pod can display everything from the current music track, charging status, clock, or an incoming call. Just like any other Bluetooth speaker, we are sure, Ocelli will also provide a day’s playback time when untethered from the charging pod, but there is no information on the backup or its sound wattage at the moment. That said, the most entailing aspect for me of this concept is that the two tiny speakers can also directly connect with each other, giving users the option to carry a single speaker on their way out.