Flip Chair lets you have a high and low chair in one turn

Furniture that can have more than just one use or purpose is always interesting, especially for those that live in small spaces and may need to have these multipurpose things around. There are product designers who experiment with a lot of materials, configurations, and various designs to make this furniture easy to use and practical. Chairs are things that we sometimes take for granted aside from its utilitarian purpose but there are still a lot of things you can do with it in terms of design and use.

Designer: Jair Strashnow

The Flip Chair is a piece of furniture that is a high or regular chair one minute and can easily be turned to a low chair with a, you guessed it, flip. If you need a dining chair while eating at the kitchen table, you have one. And after your meal, when you just need to relax and read a book, you just flip the chair and you have a more casual, albeit, lower chair. So if you have a small space in your apartment, you don’t need two chairs for two purposes, you just need to flip this one.

The designer went through countless iterations (which you can see in the witty video) and experiments in trying to make the perfect flip chair. What he ended up with is a single material design made from European birch ply because this was inherently flexible enough to not need any piping or any other material. It also has a locking mechanism that will make sure you don’t flip over when you sit on the chair, whichever iteration you’re using.

The final product is sustainable and more eco-friendly than chairs that use a lot of materials including steel, metal, piping, and other things that the designer did experiment with at first. He collaborated with fiction factory, an interior construction contractor based in Amsterdam, and they are the ones producing it as well. I wouldn’t mind having a chair like this at home especially as I would like a low chair sometimes to do my book reading stuff but I don’t really have space now in my place.