Underwater Scooter lets you glide through water without actually swimming

I am fascinated by sea creatures and would love nothing more than to go underwater and watch them, play with them, and take pics and videos of them. There’s one major problem though: I don’t know how to swim. Well I can do a few strokes but when I get out of my depth (literally), I panic and almost drown myself. But if there’s a device that can help me explore the ocean more without me drowning or taking months to learn how to swim properly, I’d be willing to try it.

Designer: KLW Design

This Underwater Scooter concept is especially created for people like me who love to be in the water but aren’t really that great at swimming (or even floating by themselves). What it basically does is make you go faster in the water without necessarily having to use your arms or feet or a speedboat or something. But for those who don’t know how to swim, it can also be a tool they can use to make the water experience better. Instead of using your feet as you normally would in a scooter, this time you place it in your hands and let it propel you through the water.

It uses a double propeller propulsion structure to, well, propel you through the water without expanding so much strength and effort. It actually looks like a drone or a miniature plane which is fitting since it lets you fly in the water anyway. The round and smooth shape of the device makes it more stable and flexible and also increases the speed as well as its endurance when being used. It is also built that way to reduce the resistance in the water. It takes on the energy you would normally expand when swimming on your own.

And since swimming or diving in the water almost always involves some encounters with sea creatures, the scooter also lets you take photos and videos while “riding” on it. You can install a Go Pro on the front bracket to document your experience. If you prefer just looking at them, you can also install a flashlight in case it’s too dark. I am actually not sure if I’ll be confident enough to swim or dive underwater using this scooter but at least it can help me move in the water.