Magic of Mag Cable

If the future of charging cables has to be defined, then the Mag Cable is a good benchmark to begin with. We all have had our fair share of cable snaps, USB connection issues and the works, it’s annoying and destroys a piece of your device. With this piece of innovation, the future foresees magnets and Qi connectivity having more power.

The novel Mag Cable connects via magnets and is designed in a way that the metal terminal is not exposed and sports an intuitive look. The connector simply ‘touches’ your device and juices it up in a jiffy. The super cool part is that it hooks up any angle, making it convenient for you to interact with your device while charging it.

Getting into the specifics, as described by designer Kizuku Kitada, the data is transferred through a coil placed inside the terminal while it charges the device via induction simultaneously. The cable works seamlessly with a keyboard and mouse as well as portable storage devices and smartphones.

Although quite far from being in-market, this unique cable brings in a fresh approach to charging cables.

Designer: Kizuku Kitada of SPECT DESIGN