This Design Will Never Spoil


There’s nothing more frustrating than picking up a fresh head of lettuce or some other delicious vegetables from the market, only to find them withered and spoiled a few days later. As I’m sure you’re well aware, both fruit and vegetables naturally emit ethylene gases which help speed up the ripening of the foods, which in turn, leads to withering and spoilage. That’s where the OXO Crisper comes in handy. The Crisper – part of the GreenSaver Collection – is stored in the fridge, protecting your fruit and vegetables from the ethylene gases by soaking these up in a natural carbon filter, thereby slowing down the ripening and spoiling of the foods.

The design is pretty neat too. The Crisper has a date dial located on the top to track the time replacement time on the carbon filter – the nice touch here, is there green color choice for the dial, tying in with the surrounding produce. As for the shape of the design, it’s quite a compact and space saving product. The top and base of the device are a concave shape, reducing the surface contact on the base as well as the top. The top half can be removed from the base by pinching the two dimples on either side of the product, a nice feature that keeps the design of the Crisper clean – this is how to replace the natural carbon filter which lasts up to 90 days. The pattern surrounding the Crisper provides proper air circulation on all sides – this pattern can also be found all throughout the GreenSaver product range.

Designer: Mason Umholtz for OXO





25% of the fruits and vegetables we buy are thrown away.


Keeps produce fresh longer by absorbing ethylene gas.


The date dial keeps track of when it’s time to replace the carbon filter.