PITAKA unveils a quick-travel iPad cover and the ultimate AirTag accessories at its Ecosystem live event

Held at their Ecosystem virtual event, tech accessory brand PITAKA unveiled a series of new products and accessories, complimenting their PitaFlow line and helping their users live easier, more comfortable lives. Alongside these product announcements, PITAKA even made a commitment to recycling their own products in the best ways possible, while demonstrating how they could extract aramid fibers from molded panels by dissolving the resin and separating the fibers entirely.

The PITAKA Ecosystem event kicked off with their founder and CEO James Zheng taking the stage and explaining PITAKA’s global vision and how their existing products tied into it. Zheng highlighted their ASI (Accompany Small Innovators) program that invites enthusiastic patrons and supporters to come on board as advisors and co-innovators, helping PITAKA develop new products and experiences. Following the PitaFlow lines for the iPhone and iPad, Zheng then went on to debut their latest collection dubbed the PitaTag, a 3-product accessory set revolving around the AirTag.

The first product in this series is the PitaTag for Multi-tool, a tiny AirTag holder that also packed 4 fold-out mini tools for all sorts of activities from tightening screws to opening boxes. The $59 PitaTag for Multi-tool is just marginally larger than the AirTag itself, and fits perfectly around a keychain, so you can carry it anywhere. The AirTag’s ultra-wideband technology would enhance the Multi-tool’s usability, ensuring you always have it handy and can track it when it’s lost.

An extension of that philosophy carried to PITAKA’s latest announcement within the PitaTag collection – PitaTag for Cable, a unique cable holder and organizer with an AirTag attached to it, so you’re never struggling to find a charging cable in your house, your office, or your backpack. The PitaTag for Cable comes with its own USB-C to Lightning cable plugged in, and has an AirTag attached to it too for good measure. There’s no price mentioned for this, and the company is set to formally launch it in August.

The final accessory within the PitaTag universe is the PitaTag for Lighter, an indoor/outdoor accessory that the company will reveal further during its launch in the winter. For now, the lighter and other PitaTag accessories help expand PITAKA’s EDC collection and lend the AirTag’s tracking abilities to them in a way that’s uniquely helpful to customers. PITAKA also highlighted that these designs properly ensured that the AirTag’s tracking abilities weren’t affected by them.

PITAKA’s biggest announcement for the event, however, was the FlipBook Case for the iPad. Designed to let you seamlessly switch between working on the iPad and traveling with it, the FlipBook Case ditched the past notion of what an iPad case was supposed to look like. Instead of being a bag or a sleeve that the iPad slides into, PITAKA’s FlipBook Case perpetually sits around your iPad and its Magic Keyboard. With the company’s signature Carbitex CX6®Carbon Fiber trims, and magnetic handles that make grabbing the iPad easy, the FlipBook Case is a stylish number for your iPad that lets you transition between working and traveling in under 2 seconds. “We don’t create time, but we seize every minute for you”, the company says. The FlipBook Case starts at $89 and is available for both ASI members and other customers. For good measure, it has a pocket to store belongings like cables, power banks, or even your iPhone.

Highlighting the need to have a reliable ecosystem of great products to support your life and the tech in it, PITAKA also briefly announced an upcoming line of travel suitcases called the PitaGo, featuring the company’s signature minimal tech-forward style, along with modular components that ensure a longer lifespan and easy repairability. CEO James Zheng also dwelled further on PITAKA’s commitment to the environment, talking about how each product will forward PITAKA’s vision of sustainability and recycling. Parts from the suitcase will be recycled into the iPad case, and then into the iPhone case, and finally into watch straps, ensuring that a material or component goes through multiple life cycles instead of going straight into the landfill.

PITAKA plans to share more details on its Ecosystem in the future, along with other product releases. The ASI program is currently looking for fresh ideas for new products, especially for the PitaTag line. You can learn more on PITAKA’s website or enroll in their PITAKA ASI Program to be a part of the company’s future.