Aromanordic Inhaler brings relief in a natural, sustainable package

Essential oils have become, well, essential, the past few years and even more so during the pandemic. People became concerned more with their health and anything that can help relieve things like stress, fatigue, anxiety, etc have become best-sellers in the market. Now that we’re mostly mobile again, being able to bring diffusers and inhalers with us wherever we go is pretty important. This Aromanordic inhaler from Thailand brings not just the healing qualities of herbs but also a part of its cultural heritage.

Designer: Puchong Khampiman for APAUL

This product was recently displayed at the Slow Hand Design Exhibition which showcases top Thai designs that fit into the Bio-Circular-Green economy. The brand Apaul is actually a play on the word “pal” which of course means friend plus the letter A represents number one and the letter U, a generally recognized symbol for a smile. So put them together and you get a brand whose main goal is to be a “companion who always gives you good feelings”.

What makes the Aromanordic Inhaler stand out from other similar products in the market is that it incorporates nature and culture in its design. The case of the inhaler is made from natural wood instead of the usual metal or plastic outer body. It is made from rubberwood scrap material so it’s also sustainable. Since the inside is refillable and replaceable, you don’t need to throw things away when you’re done with it.

Aside from being more aesthetically pleasing, the wood also absorbs the scents of the herbs that are inside. You have replaceable scent fillings which include Camphor, Borneol, Menthol, and Eucalyptus oil. These herbs and scents are inhaled by the user directly, bringing relief from different conditions like headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, seasickness, and other feelings you may experience while moving around.

I am a sort-of connoisseur of oils and balms, especially those that are naturally produced in various Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand. Having them conveniently handy through inhalers like these is a bonus.