Silo Collection of lights and lamps show off playful elegance

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The Silo Collection of lights and lamps offers several products in different styles, finishes, and color gradients. It is a series of charming lights combined together to form a more beautiful set of attractive lamps. The lights can be presented as chandeliers, pendant lamps, table lamps, or floor lamps. What started as an aluminum cylinder and then transformed into a series of shapes is now a collection of elegant lights. You can use just one cylinder as a table lamp or combine more to create wall fixtures or hanging lamps that will adorn your wall or ceiling.

Designer: Lamber & Fils

Silo Collection 2

Multiple units will turn into an exciting shape that shows spatial applications and 3D configurations. Each style can be fun and playful, but we can still see very distinct elegance. For example, the Silo lamps can be dramatic or theatrical, but they still show some mystery in lighting design.

Lamber & Fils’ design ethos shows truly exquisite simplicity beyond the unmistakable beauty it presents. The Silo lamps don’t precisely shout for attention, but you will be mesmerized by their charm especially when you see them together. The whole collection presents vertical shapes that will remind you of metallic wind instruments—if not, cityscapes and concrete towers.

Silo Collection Features

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One cylinder of Silo can stand alone, but a cluster of lamps looks better, especially when illuminated. Each Silo is described as industrial, but interestingly, it is handmade. The cylinder form you see is a result of using a die and pushing aluminum metal through it–with the metal taking the shape of the die.

You can create your own Silo chandelier by simply choosing from the suspension series and your choice of colors. You can use two to five models connected to one canopy to create a more beautiful effect in lighting design. There are independent anchors for each model for possible installation or expansion so you can explore and be imaginative with this collection.

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Several finishes are available, with the newest ones being introduced: glossy oxblood, tumbled aluminum, and mirrored polished aluminum. There’s also textured white, textured beige, wrinkled dusty pink, textured terracotta, textured aubergine, textured midnight blue, and textured black. You can also choose colors of the aircraft wire: Cumin, White, or Black– but cumin wire gives the appearance of leather, which looks better against aluminum.

Design Silo Collection Lambert and Fils.

You can check out the Silo lights from its New York showroom, where you will see the different Silo types, including the Silo Atelier, Silo Table, and Silo Wall. These chandeliers, table lamps, and wall lamps, respectively, offer illumination, volume, and the balance of height and linear geometry. The Silo Floor Lamp looks more like a sculpture, especially with the flare light it provides. The floor lamp stands on a base, making it stand taller, more amplified, and able to be an interesting centerpiece in any room.

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Silo Collection Lambert and Fils 4

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