Ice Shaver concept is made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials

As summer is approaching in the Western part of the world, the season for cold drinks is also upon us. While you can always get your fruit shake, boba tea, or frappuccino at your nearest neighborhood joint, you might also want to create your favorite concoctions at home. So it’s also time to bring out your blenders, juicers, ice machines, and other cold drink paraphernalia and ingredients. If you want ice creams or some variation of it, an ice shaver would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Designer: Whynot Design

This product concept for an ice shaver has a pretty minimalist but functional design for a kitchen device that has one purpose: to give you crushed ice. It looks like something that can match your coffee or tea maker, blender, and your other pastel-colored appliances. It has a bridge architecture with the motor placed at the top part with a metal finish, including the activation button that will start the whole process of ice crushing. It also has a plastic shell to hold the motor with alternating soft lines and chamfers with a glossy and opaque finish.

The container or cup to catch all the ice that will be crushed seems to be made of plastic that looks like ceramic, giving it a classier but minimalist feel. Basically, you get a mix of plastic and metal finish in the whole structure. It also has a coffee or tea maker look, and if I didn’t know any better, I would expect a different kind of liquid to pour out of the carafe-looking top. I don’t know if the entire thing would be stable if put to actual ice-crushing use, but it seems to be strong enough to hold everything together.

The ice shaving or slush machine is designed to be made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The fuselage uses ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, while the ice mold boxes use polypropylene. Both of these materials can be combined with other environment-friendly materials and still be safe to consume when they come in contact with food-grade materials. These also support secondary recycling, so later on, when you don’t need an ice shaver anymore, it will still not go to total waste.