T-CORD Chair is one striking creation made using basic objects

T-CORD Chair Design

The hyperbolic paraboloid is what the shape of a Pringles chip is called. Not many people know that but for our knowledge, let’s remember the term of the shape that looks like a saddle.

This shape is also the inspiration for Roi B, who designed the T-Cord Chair. Using 60mm steel pipes and 56 tension chords, a chair has been created and ready to offer a feeling of warmth and comfort. This chair design is implemented, but only ten pieces have been made. It’s a limited release which makes every piece special.

Designer: Roi B

T-CORD Concept

The designer is passionate about art and metal. His knowledge allows him to construct this conceptual design into reality. The designer is also a welder, so he knows how to come up with objects that work and are durable.

The hyperbolic paraboloid principle is the base of this chair. A similar shapre will remind you of a potato chip—if not, a saddle. Technically speaking, the shape combines parabolas (vertical) and hyperbolas (horizontal) cross-sections. This isn’t the first time the shape is used in architecture and structural design, but it’s nice to see it on a smaller scale.

T-CORD Chair Design Limited Edition


The design looks complicated but making it seems effortless. You only need to use tension chords as the chair base and backrest. Roi B said, “I absolutely love blowing minds with a product that is undeniably high in quality and comfortable at the same time.” We believe this one is comfortable and durable that you don’t have to worry if the chair can carry your weight. The steel pipes and the cords are enough to offer durable seating. The tension cords are weaved to allow strength and airflow. Not that breathability is needed, but it’s good to know this chair can be ideal for lounging and outdoor use.

T-CORD Design

The T-CORD Chair can be considered a sculptural furniture piece. It’s an interesting piece that can efficiently work as a conversation starter. It’s guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention because of the intelligent design—just like the designer’s other works. Of course, the technique could be something you could do independently, but there is physics behind this.


T-CORD Details