This electric kick bike for young riders combines style, comfort and practicality

Looking for a kick bike that’s more than just an average city commuter, and brings to the fore style, uniqueness and minimum effort while propelling forward? Then the Pipegun 1 electric kick bike designed by Emre Kuvvetli and Burak Kazar of Tozz Bike is the one to choose.

The kick bike is designed to be offbeat, more than just a personal commuter to go safely from point A to point B. The Istanbul-based duo has crafted this skateboard and BMX-inspired kick bike to infuse the element of fun while getting around in cities. All this while keeping in mind the need to develop e-mobility solutions that consume less energy and time. The kick bike debuted at Design Week Turkey, and now it’s ready to reach eager buyers but in limited numbers only. Initially, only 20 limited production units of the Pipegun (a.k.a PG1) will be made exclusively for urban crowd.

Designer: Tozzbike

Durability is at the core of PG1 as it gets stainless steel handcrafted body, and the handlebar has been precision optimized for better comfort, ergonomics and safety – no matter what the road conditions are. This is in part also attributed to the 20” Salt Tracer BMX tires capable of absorbing impact. At the heart lies a highly efficient 250W geared drive BLDC electric motor capable of churning out 45nm torque which has been extensively tested in performance trials. This has resulted in an engaging and effortless driving experience for Gen-Z users.

The lithium-ion battery inside the kick bike charges fully in about 8 hours’ time and has a 35 km range. It gets a maximum climbing angle of 12 degrees on electric power, and beyond that, you’ll have to do some effort to keep the kick bike in motion. One thing I like about this electric kick bike as compared to other options is that it doesn’t make any impractical steep claims. The pre-orders for the limited run of the Pipegun 1 are open now, and it already looks like a good deal at a price tag of $2,100.