ASUS brings Steven Harrington and Philip Colbert to its Vivobook 13 Slate laptops

Although not as personal as smartphones, some people consider their laptops and tablets as extensions of their person, revealing hints about their personal life just as much as their work life. Some deck their laptops with stickers that give a sneak peek into their lives, from the places they’ve visited, to the groups they have joined, and even to the causes they advocate. Some just fill the back of tablets and laptops with random designs that hint at their aesthetic tastes. But why risk ruining your laptop’s coating with adhesive when you can get an ASUS laptop that already comes pre-installed with artistic decals, especially from two of this age’s biggest names in the art field that are lending their brush to the Vivobook 13 Slate OLED.

Designer: ASUS

ASUS x Steven Harrington

For some people, the pristine surface of the back of a laptop or even a 2-in-1 tablet like the ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate is like a blank canvas just begging for a splash of color and a jumble of lines. Not all of us are artistically inclined, however, and even fewer will know how to safely apply paints and other materials without actually damaging an electronic device. Thankfully, ASUS has done the hard work for us with Artist Editions of its 13.3-inch detachable laptop.

Steven Harrington’s cartoon style bends and curves, giving the composition a sense of dynamism and a pinch of whimsy. Bright pastel colors bring characters and objects to life, creating an almost psychedelic visual experience for observers. Imagine how interesting such an artwork would be on the back of this tablet slash laptop, especially considering how it will always be on display for everyone to see. It would be like staring at a mural or wall graffiti, except in a smaller form and just right across the table.

The Steven Harrington Edition doesn’t just stop at the Vivobook 13 Slate, though. Included in the package is a mouse that looks almost like a pebble with the same artwork painted on it. To make sure you don’t easily lose this one-of-a-kind accessory, that mouse even has a strap with the famed artist’s name painted on it. There’s also a sleeve for the detachable laptop that not only protects the device but also teases the unique piece of art that’s hidden inside.

Designer: ASUS x Steven Harrington

ASUS x Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert has been described as the crown prince of pop art and, perhaps more significantly, the “godson” of the renowned artist Andy Warhol. Those are pretty heavy titles that carry a lot of prestige as well as expectations, but the young artist seems to take it all in stride and even manages to inject a bit of fun into his masterpieces. Pretty much what you’d expect from an artist with an anthropomorphic lobster as an alter ego!

Colbert’s pop art is often filled with such animals, sometimes in odd poses or clothing. The addition of bright colors, patterns, and objects strewn in an almost disorganized manner makes his artworks look almost surreal as if taken straight from someone’s dreams. This is the kind of impression that Philip Colbert Edition of the Vivobook 13 Slate brings to the table, especially with its mix of materials, themes, and eggs. And yes, there are plenty of lobsters, too.

This Artist’s Edition is a bit more tactile, especially with an elastic rope that crisscrosses on the back of the device. While this edition does come with a mouse and a sleeve, the real highlight as far as accessories go is the lobster figurine. More than just a decorative desk piece, it is actually functional as well, holding a stylus up high when you’re not using it, ever-ready to put your next big idea on digital canvas when it arrives.

Designer: ASUS x Philip Colbert

Skin Deep

This isn’t ASUS’ first rodeo with making special edition computers that cater to artists, designers, and lovers of the arts, and these Artists Editions join the growing number of tech products that target these groups. Unfortunately, while these are indeed visual and even tactile treats, the computer underneath might not meet everyone’s expectations, especially the creatives that these products are targeting.

The Vivobook 13 Slate OLED beneath these pieces of art is powered by an Intel Pentium N6000, not exactly the most capable of Intel’s processors. There’s only 8GB of RAM inside, and you’re stuck with that for better or worse. The 13.3-inch OLED display might be large, but the 1920×1080 resolution is pretty basic, especially for those doing digital artwork on this kind of device. The Vivobook 13 Slate does aim for economy, with its $600 price tag, but an Artists Edition such as this would most likely have a higher asking price. No word on exact figures yet, though, but the two art-covered slates are expected to launch sometime this second quarter.