Luxus – Chair with Light by Christian Flindt

The chair is about the connection between physical movement and you visual perception of it. The light in the chair is activated directly by the rocking of the chair as if it was full of light water. If you vary the movement you affect the light in the chair. The light will inspire the user to change or try to maintain a rocking pattern – in order to affect the direction, speed or intensity of light.

Designer: Christian Flindt [ Photo: Magnus Klitten ] [ Textile: Bodil Jerichau ]


  • Katie says:

    This looks so fun! Although, there should be an off and on button. My cat likes to sleep on chairs, and if he got on that it’d surely piss me off to no end.

  • Eva says:

    This looks so awesome! I’d get one right now if it was in my budget. And the way the light is affected by your rocking is a pretty cool idea as well.

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