Base Plastic Project delivers public benches and planters made out of recycled plastic bottle caps

Base Plastic Public Furniture SeatGoing green is more than just a trend. We must embrace it as a lifestyle if we want to leave a better planet for our children. There are many ways to become environment-friendly, but our favorite is when the trash is transformed into something more useful.

Base Plastic is a project that aims to create public furniture using recycled plastic waste. We have seen similar projects already, and we believe more ideas will be introduced. Base Plastic is an effort by industrial designer Binsar Priandika that offers a product that may be developed and used to make public furniture using vast amounts of plastic waste.

Designer: Binsar Priandika

Base Plastic Public Furniture Photos

The public furniture design is 2-in-1 as it functions as both a planter and a bench. There are three modules available that you can arrange depending on the needs of a community. Each set is made out of 17,000 plastic bottled-water caps, weighing 17kg.

Those plastic bottled-water caps are put to good use in this project. Base Plastic has the potential to become a success because it reduces plastic waste as thousands of bottle caps are used. The results are hexagonal basic shape modules for multi-configuration. These public seats and planters can be very useful as they provide comfort for the people and beautify a place. The modular system allows more pieces to be added and configured in different shapes.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Idea

The Base Plastic System is sturdy and customizable. The colors used here are white, black, and blue, but we’re guessing the pieces can be painted in different colors. The main element is the planter which transforms into a bench with a cover.

The blue base weighs 7.7kgs, while the white middle part is 4.3kgs. The cover weighs about 5 kgs of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). A set of modular planters and benches will look nice, especially in public spaces like parks and playgrounds.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Concept

Base Plastic Public Furniture Design

Plastic pollution is a reality we are facing right now. It can’t be totally eradicated but can be reduced, thanks to several efforts of people and groups that care for the environment. Benches and planters are useful in every community and country and the use of plastic waste will be very beneficial to creating a better planet.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Project Sample

Base Plastic Public Furniture Sample

There is the question of how many bottle caps will be used. It was noted that 17,000 caps are needed to produce 17kgs which translates to one set. One set consists of the base, middle, and cover. We can just imagine hundreds of thousands of water-bottle caps are needed to decorate a whole park.

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Base Plastic Public Furniture

Base Plastic Public Furniture Project

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