SOSwim Safety Bracelet for the kids alert you of danger and drowning

SOS means ‘Save Our Ship’ and people often use it not because their ship is wrecked but to express distress over a situation. The acronym is generally used in emergencies, and we believe it is something everyone in the world must be aware of.

When it comes to children’s safety, people must be aware of their surroundings. Adults must also prepare the basics like First Aid and know how to save a drowning child. You see, when it comes to kids’ security, safety, and privacy, you can never be too prepared.

Designer: Mariya Cherkasova

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There are plenty of inventions and tools that can help parents and guardians. For example, this SOSwim is designed as a safety bracelet for children while swimming. Don’t say it is just another safety bracelet, as this one will really be helpful to parents who always worry about their kids.

The SOSwim Safety Bracelet will particularly be essential during summer when all the kids want to do is just frolic in the water. So when the children want to stay in the pool or the beach, you have to make sure they are safe. If they don’t know how to swim, look after them or have someone watch them. For additional peace of mind, get a safety bracelet like the SOSwim.

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Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among children. It can be painful and it’s something you don’t want to witness or experience. SOSwim has been designed to solve situations when people, kids especially, are helpless. What it does is simple: send a notification to an adult’s smartphone if the child starts to drown.

The design of the safety bracelet is based on a lifebuoy. This includes the shapes and the colors, while the sea wave design on the bracelet is where the LED lights are located. It works with a compatible mobile app where parents can see the alerts and see the children’s physical ability.

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The app also works as a fitness tracker as it can tell you your child’s distance, time, and body temperature. This helps prevent the kid from hypothermia as you can quickly call him to get off the water for a while. The safety bracelet will flash to communicate with your child. Other details the app can show include the name of the kid, age, height, distinctive features, temperature, distance, and time.

SOSwim Safety Bracelet

The bracelet is designed with photoluminescent silicone, which may help locate a drowning kid. The main signal light on the bracelet is composed of LEDs. It also features organic glass, 5mm LEDs, a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, and a Micro Controller Unit (MCU).

SOSwim Safety Bracelet Concept

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Design

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