IMPATIA Derby Canvas brings foosball gaming to new heights

Derby Foosball Luxury Game Design

If you love football but don’t have the physical ability and endurance to play, you can just opt for a foosball table. Okay, so it’s not real football but imagine the thrill of scoring a field goal.

A foosball table gives a different kind of excitement. It also helps improve your hand-eye coordination. It’s the perfect way to keep our joints from being static. If you’re the type who plays casual foosball whenever you’re bored or have guests over, you may want to look into the Derby collection from IMPATIA.

Designer: Gregg Brodarick and Lucia Guazzi

IMPATIA Derby Foosball Design

IMPATIA is an Italian brand that comes up with luxury versions of gaming tables such as billiards, table tennis, poker, and table football. It has released the Derby collection, which showcases luxury foosball gaming. Of course, there is no such thing, but this foosball table is all about luxury–starting with the glass top. The Derby Canvas by Impatia is a modern version of the game table, showing the world that Italian craftsmanship remains elegant and imposing. It can fit a contemporary home interior while offering a fun gaming experience.

Release Derby Foosball Luxury Game

The Derby Canvas is a modern foosball table made with premium material and top-notch craftsmanship. The term canvas tells us this is something you can personalize with different finishes and colors a bit different from the Derby Wood version. It features a lacquered wood structure, low-iron glass playing field, anodized aluminum players, chrome finished metal rods, solid lacquered wood handles, and leather goal.

IMPATIA Derby Foosball Canvas

Derby Foosball Luxury Game Table

The materials are customizable but the basic features remain, like the crystalline glass and the solid lacquered wood structure. You can select the color depending on how you want it to match your interior. The contemporary foosball also has exciting design touches like metal details and geometric handles. The complete package elevates the foosball to a different level–showing the world that Italian craftsmanship still exists.

Derby Foosball Table

Derby Foosball Luxury Game Canvas

Derby Foosball Luxury Game Table Design

The Derby Wood version also boasts premium materials, including crystalline glass and refined solid wood. The structure is the same as the Derby Canvas, and the only difference is the wood. On the base, we can also see the refined chrome finished metal detailing that adds to the simple elegance of the game table.

The Derby foosball table is made by Italian artisans. Tabletop games are usually ignored in the design world but not by IMPATIA. The company has focused on this category, and we can expect related products will be introduced. Each Derby Canvas is made to order, so expect a uniquely yours table.

IMPATIA Derby Canvas Modern Foosball

Derby Foosball Luxury Game

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