Inverted Sculpture design can be disassembled and used in a different exhibition

Two years into the pandemic, we are happy to see live events being held in most parts of the world. We remember in early 2020 when conferences and exhibitions were being canceled left and right due to the threat of coronavirus. We’re glad to know live exhibits and physical events have successfully been staged in the past few months.

There will be more and we hope the pandemic will really be over soon. There are some changes now because of requirements like proper social distancing. We feel that more changes and developments will be introduced in the future as more companies and brands join such exhibits.

Designer: Atelier Alter Architects

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 11

One significant change could be the design of booths or pavilions. To make things more sustainable and reduce waste, a team at Atelier Alter Architects has come up with a pavilion design that can be re-used with a different function and moved to a different place. This solution is for the common problem of construction waste after an event is over.

Atelier Alter Architects managed to create a structure that could be easily dissembled and then moved to a different location. The idea is the structure comes with single parts that may be customized according to requirements. The whole system can be used to function as a booth with lounge seats for guests and potential clients.

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 2

Officially called the ‘Inverted Sculpture, this exhibit space is ideal for eco-conscious brands that want to reduce waste. Of course, zero waste is a challenge to achieve, but, at least we have more sustainable and greener options as innovations are being introduced. The platform alone can be considered a work of art already. Add the items and products a brand needs to showcase, and you get a visual treat.

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 8

The system features widely distributed folded skin made of glass reinforced concrete (GRC) and steel frame. The duo-purposed exhibition pavilion sample here is only 24 sqm. The height of the platform can be set, but we suggest promo materials are placed at seat level. When used outdoors, a cantilevered roof helps block the sunlight.

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 3

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 4

Atelier Alter Architects is based in Beijing, China, and has already done a few projects. Its designers, engineers, and architects show a different approach to architecture. The company’s works are believed to offer everyone an “objective field to think, feel, and live.” Its goal is to make people embrace their role as observers in the society, responding to the world’s dynamism. Every work by Alter Architects is aimed not to be imitated but to be criticized and really make people think.

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 5

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 7

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 9

Atelier Alter Inverted Sculpture 10