OLi Home proves again less is more even in speaker design

OLi Home Features

Speaker technology has not peaked yet as there is more room for improvement. We can probably say technology is at the point where we can just work on innovations, style, software, and design. Of course, customer demand must be met by brands. The prices of the speakers should be more affordable, but for those interested in design, there are still plenty of things to do and explore.

For OLi Home, it aims to improve the audio listening experience by coming up with a speaker that offers excellent sound quality. It is possible by directing and projecting sound from an optimal height and location. In addition, the brand’s designer believes furniture can be part of the home, so it conceptualized the OLi Speaker looking like a furniture item.

Designer: Joshua Han

OLi Home Concept

The OLi Speaker features different materials that can blend and match your home interiors. According to the designer, there’s a combination of wood, fabric, and matte color that can harmonize with other furniture and home surroundings. Joshua Han is the same guy who introduced to us the Solo Headset and the Teledining Table.

Judging from Han’s previous creations, he provides solutions to common problems that others think may seem trivial. The Solo Headset can make capturing videos easier by just wearing the video camera on your head. The Teledining Table is another practical innovation we never knew we’d be needing during the pandemic. As for the OLi Speaker, it solves the problem of trying to figure out where to position your speaker to match your home.

OLi Home

OLi Home Details

There are other beautifully-designed home speakers in the market today. This OLi Speaker is attractive but not in an overwhelming way. It has a clean design, making it minimalist even with colorful options. It looks retro-modern, looking like a lamp, especially with the nostalgic pull switch.

OLi Home Speaker

The OLi comes with a simple look—providing less interface and more experience. There are no buttons or displays here because you have to connect a smartphone for the controls. The pull switch is to be used only for power as with lamps or wall and ceiling fans.

OLi Home Design

The main speaker is oblong-shaped similar to Dyson electric fans. It appears the build is plastic while the speaker area is covered by fabric. The stand and the pull switch are made of wood. We don’t see any cable, but a hole in the rear could be a port for charging.

OLi Home Conceptual Speaker

OLi Home Speaker Concept

OLi Home Speaker System