This at-home spin bike combines an industrial-grade build with warm interior design cues 

In collaboration with Kettle Sport, forthepeople designed a new at-home spin bike for users to ride along with Kettler Sport’s home fitness app.

Through the decades, technological advancements have completely redefined the home fitness industry. The 90s gave us prerecorded VHS tapes stocked with workouts to follow along on our televisions. Then, infomercials in the early 2000s had store shelves stocked with products like Six-Minute Abs! and Bowflex that we bought on the whim that we could really get a six-pack in just six minutes.

Designers: Kettler Sport x forthepeople

Since 1949, Kettler Sport has moved with the trends to help shape home fitness into the interactive, AI-operated industry that it is today. In collaboration with forthepeople, Kettler Sport unveiled their line of at-home spin bikes that users can ride while using Kettler Sport’s accompanying app.

Recent global events have pushed us deeper into our home spaces, prompting many of us to bring the industrial-grade workout equipment we’re used to in the gym into our homes. While having access to high-tech machinery is luxe, not all of us are cool with having a bionic two-wheeler in the living room. Designing Kettler Sport’s line of spin bikes meant that forthepeople had to merge the technical build of a reliable spin bike with the refinement of modern interior design cues.

“We helped Kettler rethink the fitness category through a brand and product language that brings equipment into the heart of the home–” the designers from forthepeople describe, “by combining performance cues with the warmth of living spaces.”

The resulting spin bike takes on a glossy, yet matte steel finish combined with curved elements that give the bike an approachable appeal. The bulk of the bike’s inner components is concealed within a black plastic encasement located in the center of the bike’s minimalist frame.

Describing the intersection between the fitness industry and interior design, forthepeople explain, “The bikes reference classic cycling frames and mix them with subtle furniture details, each in a set of colorways inspired by objects from around the home.” Finding the center of the intersection, Kettler Sport’s new line of spin bikes finds universal appeal through minimal framing and concealed components.