MagOrg Desk Mat turns any table into a launching pad for productivity

Clutter-free doesn’t have to mean feature-less, especially if you have the multi-functional modular MagOrg Desk Mat on top.

Keeping our desks organized is as much a full-time job as our real jobs, and not all desks are designed to help put order to our chaos. Sure, many have drawers, but they only keep things out of sight and out of mind. Desk organizers group stuff together but can sometimes be just as disorganized as the stationery they corral. MagOrg solves this clutter problem with a system that lets you keep all these essential work tools within easy reach while giving each a proper home. And you can even mix and match pieces so you can size down as necessity dictates.

Designer: UDLAB Products

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We’ve seen our fair share of desk mats, including ones that transform into portable workspaces with room for a laptop, notes, and pens. Almost all of those, however, come in a one size fits all package, where you get what you pay for, and that’s that. MagOrg, however, lets you customize your work area to your needs and liking in a snap, almost literally. The full setup utilizes all three panels, and though you can’t expand it with more panels, you can downsize to just two panels or even one panel based on your needs or available space.

MagOrg utilizes magnets to create a modular and customizable organization system where you decide how big or small you want to go. There are three large panels you can combine in different ways, and each one of them has a unique set of features that make them special. One, for example, has elastic bands similar to grid organizers that let you squeeze in notepads, highlighters, and more. Another has built-in wireless charging, where you can rest your phone while you work, confident it won’t die out on you anytime soon.

MagOrg, however, goes beyond just those two panels and includes accessories designed to boost your creativity. There is a magnetic pen holder that also doubles as a phone stand, a slim laptop stand, and ergonomic wrist pads for keyboards and mice. Everything you need to get your work done will have a place on the Desk Mat, so you won’t have to break your flow to look for them.

Desk Mate has the ability to increase and decrease its size from Large (900mm) to Medium (600mm) to Small (300mm) at any point in time.

Inbuilt wireless 15W fast charging.

The base is magnetic and can easily join with the desk mate.

Offers hands-free convenience and a comfortable viewing angle.

Inbuilt elastic separation and section helps to keep floating stationery.

Convenient for you to store loose papers and notes.

The adjustable angles reduce physical strain in your neck, shoulder, and upper back.

The memory foam-based material inside will help you maintain proper wrist alignment.

Water repellent and hence easy to clean.

The desk mats use quality vegan leather material with hydrophobic properties, so you don’t need to have a panic attack when you accidentally spill some of your precious coffee. With the MagOrg Desk Mat, desk organization no longer has to be a matter of making compromises, giving you the freedom to dictate the way you work rather than letting your desk put its own limits on you. With a clutter-free and flexible working area, you can approach work with more confidence and less stress, and maybe even take a bit of pleasure in how you have a stylish, professional-looking desk mat to work on.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $189 (43% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!