This space-saving + ergonomically designed hanger functions like a pair of scissors!

Open someone’s wardrobe, and you’re gonna find a bunch of hangers within it. Some are actually used to hold clothes, whereas some are randomly strewn about on the shelves, whereas a few others are in locations quite far away from the actual wardrobe! Hangers have pretty much reached necessity status in a household. But no matter how handy they might be, there is something to be said about their pesky form! Their odd shape makes it difficult to adjust clothes with a narrow or tight neck on them. It’s also difficult to store them, and forget about packing them in your suitcase to carry them with you on your travels! I really don’t know how to shove their un-ergonomic form into my bag. But this is where Yong Jeong’s Snap Hanger comes to the rescue!

The Snap Hanger promises to be everything the ordinary hanger is not. This cleverly designed product comprises two units. The units fasten together at a single joint, functioning as a pair of scissors! The two units can be attached and detached. When attached, it functions as an ergonomic hanger that can be easily slipped into narrow or tight necked clothing, without any hassle! When detached, the hanger can be effectively stored away or carried with you when you hit the road. Multiple hangers can be attached and combined vertically to help store them without taking up much space!

The Snap Hanger comes in a lot of colorful options, making it a quirky everyday product that is not only ergonomically functional but also adds a pop of color to your wardrobe!

Designer: Yong Jeong