Meng Du x Oddbird Unwasted bag collection is made from grape skin leather

Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Design Hero

Sustainable fashion is more than just a movement as we believe it is here to stay. It should be if we want a better future and planet for the next generation. We’re on the lookout for stylish footwear, clothing, and accessories so expect more eco-friendly and “green” products on the horizon.

There is a sudden increase in brands and designers starting campaigns for more sustainable products. Nike has its Move to Zero campaign. We also remember the Hana sneakers made from fruit waste like pineapple leaves, apple skin, grape skin, and seeds. A similar line of bags has recently been introduced and this time, the products are made from grapes. We know leather from fruits or vegetables is already possible. It’s much more sustainable compared to animal leather and is guilt-free.

Designer: Meng Du for Oddbird

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Chinese designer Meng Du has teamed up with Oddbird to design leather bags. The leather is made from recycled grape skins, which means grape waste now serves a purpose. Winemaking dates back to some 4100 BCE, and it’s not yet a lost craft. However, winemakers still need to be pro-active in making sure the industry is future-proof. We’ll never know what will happen, but we can prepare to improve the wine’s lifecycle and production.

Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Leather Design

Oddbird, a producer of quality wine in the Scandinavian region, knows there are obstacles in ensuring winemaking lasts. However, they can be overcome by partnering with companies and designers with the same goal in mind. Wine production waste is a reality, but good thing grape marc can now be transformed into leather. Instead of just throwing away grape skin, they can be used for next-generation leather.

Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Leather Planet of the Grapes

Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Leather Planet of the Grapes

More companies are looking for more innovative ways and sustainable methods when it comes to fashion, furniture, and accessories. This collaboration between Meng Du and Oddbird also brings Planet of the Grapes into the equation. The French leather maker has helped discover ways to produce vegan leather.

The leather bag collection is called Unwasted. The grape leather bag is a bottle holder that you can carry as a waist bag. It’s art with a purpose and is a perfect example of a zero-waste effort by Meng Du–a young Chinese designer from Parsons School of Design, New York, who is now gaining popularity for her sustainable designs. She has also come up with a virtual concept design adapted for the metaverse.

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Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Design

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Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Leather Designer

The shape of the Merlot bag is like a squashed milk carton. The inspiration was a squashed carton the designer saw on the road. The other bag shaped like a can is called the Chardonnay. Meng Du called this project ‘Incognito’ because in her own words, “many things appear to be hidden in this project.” It looks like leather, but it’s really made from grape skin.

Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Leather

Oddbird Meng Du Grape Skin Design 2

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