How adorable is this Baby Yoda and Mandalorian themed Travel Mug and Thermos?!

Marking 45 years since George Lucas gave us one of the most immersive universes science fiction could ask for, these Star Wars-themed drinkware from Corkcicle is sure to get the geek within you excited! The Corkcicle X Star Wars range spans a variety of drinking vessels and popular characters (check out this R2D2 and C3PO combo), although nothing quite matches the charm of this 12oz cup and 20oz canteen modeled on Baby Yoda and Mandalorian – two pieces of drinkware that don’t just go together functionally, they even honor their references in size and proportion!

Designer: Corkcicle

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Designed to be abstract yet instantly recognizable, the Baby Yoda travel cup comes with the color palette of our favorite tiny alien (it’s a tough choice between Baby Yoda and Baby Groot), upon which sits its lid with two outward-facing adorable ears built right in!

The Baby Yoda Travel Cup is best paired with Corkcicle’s Mandalorian-inspired 20oz Travel Canteen, which comes made from triple-insulated stainless steel (just like the Baby Yoda cup). The insulated design even means you can comfortably hold onto the outer surface without the internal heat or coldness radiating to your skin.

Both the 16oz canteen and 12oz travel mug come with caps that seal your drink shut, keeping them warm or cold for hours at an end. They’re BPA-free, and even sport silicone-lined bases to ensure they don’t slip around or scratch tabletop surfaces by accident. As for the drinkware themselves, they’re made from durable stainless steel with shatterproof lids and finishes/paint-coatings that are scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe… although they’re probably not lightsaber-proof.

Click Here to Buy Now (Baby Yoda 12oz Stemless Travel Cup)