This Nothing phone (1) concept is outrightly something refreshing

With the Nothing smartphone just around the corner, the anticipation is higher than ever of what’s coming out from Carl Pei’s camp this time around. Could this concept Nothing phone (1) be anything like it?

Nothing smartphone is rumored for a next month launch with multiple leaks pointing towards the existence of the prototype version. In a recent development trusted tipster, Evan Blass shared a picture of Carl Pei in a conversation with Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon – showing him a smartphone that everyone believes will be the upcoming gadget by the company. On zooming in, things get a bit blurry as the outline of the device and the camera bump on the back are distinguishable. More about the Nothing smartphone is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks, and the tech community is eager – including me!

Designer: Povilas Grigas

Until that happens and we get a close look at the off-beat phone (presumably) which is going to inculcate the transparent element, a concept design fuels our imagination. Just like the Nothing Phone (1) concept by Osho Jain, the see-through form factor of the imagined Nothing smartphone here is overpowering and for good reason. The ear (1) earbuds created a niche with their unique design highlighted by the see-through components, and the next product could follow suit.

This one too is called the Nothing phone (1) – what else could it be named otherwise! In a way carrying the DNA philosophy of creating tech that improves our lives without getting in the way of it. To be precise – tech that feels like nothing. Povilas Grigas’ concept design here is inspired by the old pacemakers, creating a refreshing form factor without compromising on the ergonomics and comfort. The inspiration explains the dynamic rear panel shape which has two camera bumps on each of the top corners.

Going beyond just the transparent rear panel showing off the innards, the designer envisions the Nothing phone (1) to get the Teenage Engineering influenced Gallium Nitride charger which is ultra-small and ultra-fast. Other than that, the concept design doesn’t reveal the front display of the device. So, we’re left to imagine that in our own daydreams.

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