The Imperfect Speaker may be the perfect speaker for you

Audiophiles are probably always on the lookout for the next great thing when it comes to speakers. You might say they’re looking for the “perfect speaker” if that actually exists. This concept design doesn’t claim to be that and in fact, goes out of its way to call itself “The Imperfect Speaker”. But on the surface, it just might be the next interesting thing if it does get produced someday.

Designer: Arshad Asaaf

If you’re a bit obsessive about things being aligned, smooth, and perfectly measured, then this speaker might give you nightmares. At first glance it is a simple, square speaker but upon closer inspection, the design seems to be quite unique in that it is intentionally created to not be that perfect. It has a wavy, textured surface and it does not seem to be center-aligned although it is not that noticeable if you don’t look at it closely.

There is of course a reason why The Imperfect Speaker is designed that way, although it is not really explained in the concept. It’s probably something to do with making it sound better but it would have been better if that is explained to us, ordinary music or podcast listeners who don’t really understand the acoustics of it all. The concept also shows that the frame of the speaker is made out of silicone while the cover with the circular patterns is made from plastic. Again there are aural-related reasons for the materials which audiophiles probably understand.


The question is of course would you want to get this product if it eventually gets produced and sold to consumers. As with most audio-related products, it would always depend on the sound quality. What most users are looking for would be something portable to listen to your music, audiobooks, or podcasts and it should be something that will enhance the experience. You would not want to listen to something that sounds like it’s being broadcasted from a can.

So if The Imperfect Speaker can give me something with good audio and with its current imperfect design, it’s something that I may want to get. The white and orange minimalist design is also pretty attractive it’s that your thing but they may also be better served by offering other colors for those who are not fond of orange.