This Innovative wearable neckband helps you reduce stress and improve sleep using biohacking

Although we are surrounded by technologies that make our lives more convenient, our days are often also lived with stress and exhaustion. It’s as if our problems grow and multiply in proportion to the tools and techniques that we develop to deal with them. Fortunately, we do have science, technology, medicine, and design at our disposal to create new ways to help our bodies and, more importantly, our minds cope with the torrent of stimuli that stress us to no end. And these methods and tools don’t have to be complicated either, like this simple yet powerful wearable device Pulsetto that can help relieve your stress and brighten up your day in just under four minutes.

Designer: Lukas Avenas

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Even before “biohacking” became a buzzword, our ancestors already knew that some parts of the body could be stimulated to have some positive effect on the whole body or even the brain. Recent studies have pinpointed the Vagus nerve of our body’s parasympathetic nervous system as one of those critical parts that can be used to change our state of mind in a very short time. Vagus Nerve Simulation, or VNS, is a technique that puts that theory into practice, and the Pulsetto is a lightweight and easy-to-use wearable device that lets you harness that knowledge to improve your well-being.

Very few of us will have the knowledge, much less the confidence, to stimulate our Vagus nerve effectively, but Pulsetto makes it as simple as wearing a neckband and pressing a button. This FCC-certified device creates a safe electrical signal to stimulate the Vagus nerve, which, in turn, activates the parasympathetic nervous system to slow down your heart rate and regulate other bodily functions. The end result is that you feel less stressed, focus better, sleep more soundly, and feel good overall.

It’s almost difficult to believe that such benefits would come from a wearable device so simple and light. As they say, however, looks can be deceiving, and Pulsetto’s durable plastic body is both strong and flexible, letting you use it with confidence anywhere and everywhere. It has an adjustable band not unlike those on headphones, ensuring that it can be used by anyone regardless of neck size.

As with any smart device these days, Pulsetto comes with a mobile app that offers a more holistic program to guide your body and your mind to a state of calm. It has different modes to target specific problems, such as anxiety, stress, pain, burnout, and sleep. The app also holds a collection of proprietary soundscapes that utilize frequency harmonics, auditors’ stimuli, and frequency following responses to work in tandem with the Pulsetto band for an even more effective relaxation process.

Simple yet effective, lightweight yet durable, Pulsetto puts the power of science and medicine at your fingertips to help create a better day by setting the mood right. For just four minutes and only $211 with this Spring Special offer, you can get this innovative neckband that biohacks your Vagus nerve to reduce stress, sleep better, and live a healthier life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $211 $317 (33% off). Hurry, only 9 left! Raised over $280,000.