A folding hairdryer that’s as simple and elegant as it gets

Over the years we’ve seen so many flat-pack, compact hairdryers that they probably deserve a category of their own.

The beauty of compact hairdryers is because there are multiple ways of achieving the same goal. Some hairdryers come with folding handles, some with rotating handles, some with handles that detach, it’s just a playground for design details really. Take for instance Offject’s Apollo 11 hairdryer concept, which features a handle detail that allows the hairdryer’s vertical vent to dock right into it, creating a form that’s clean and singular when closed.

Created conceptually with the company Braun in mind, the hairdryer sticks to Braun’s signature simplistic stylings, with straight lines and perfect geometric details, everywhere from the form itself, to the details like the vent. My only hangup is the fact that when folded, the hairdryer doesn’t stand vertically, given the way the wire exits the handle, which would, personally speaking, connect it to its name Apollo 11 much more!

Designer: Offject