Honeycomb-inspired keyboard and mouse combo hits our wishlist

Biomimicry and design are closely knitted together – like we’ve seen countless times in the last century or so. Creating nature-inspired accessories has a huge set of merits in functionality and of course visual appeal. So why not have a honeybee-inspired keyboard and mouse combo that promotes a productive work regime?

Alexandre Touguet has enchanted us with his mindful designs in the past, and this time around another one of his creations has caught our attention. An uber-cool keyboard that instantly evokes the memories of spotting a honeybee colony in the wilderness. To complement the accessory, a mouse in bee-inspired patterns is something I’ll take with both hands, any day. The biomimicry in the form of a hexagonal-shaped geometric pattern falls perfectly in place like Lego pieces – fitting the keyboard keys like a charm. This leaves me thinking, why hasn’t this cool peripheral been on the market before.

Designer: Alexandre Touguet

According to the designer, the idea of creating this chic keyboard and mouse has a more deep-rooted link. Alexander pondered over the declining population of honeybees across the planet due to human-induced activities. Considering how important bees are to the overall balance of the ecology, Alexander wants to bring this awareness through everyday objects. The logical solution – create a keyboard and mouse combo that closely resembles the honeycomb structure, exemplified by the use of colors. Most people spend a lot of time in front of the screen, so it makes complete sense to instill the seed of subconscious awareness about bee conservation.

The key layout on the keyboard replicates the beehive structure for a very different sensory experience in daily use. That honey-colored Spacebar, Enter and Escape button have me already going crazy. Combine that with the complementing mouse with an irresistible orange-colored scroll button, and this is a guaranteed hit product when ultimately it hits the market. The designer imagines the combo to be primarily a wireless offering with the option to connect it via wired connection too when the internal battery runs out.