Two Face analog and smartwatch must be flipped to switch the watch mode

The meaning of two-faced is the kind of friend you don’t want to have. The double-dealing and devious definition of the word is something you don’t ever want to meet or be close to in your lifetime. But the word gets another meaning with this Two Face Smartwatch. You guess it right: the watch has two faces.

Oh no, you won’t really see two faces or dials at once. This watch keeps the analog function and also offers smartwatch features. Whether analog or digital or a smartwatch, each type offers different advantages. Many people still prefer analog watches because they want to keep traditions. Such watches can also have higher values, but smartwatches can offer more functionalities.

Designers: Junguk Shin, Euikyun Koh, and Dawn BYSJ

Two Face Analog Smartwatch Design

The Two Face is an analog and smartwatch in one. It looks like an analog watch but comes with a number of smartwatch features. Inspired by the idea of flipping a coin, you can switch the face if you want to use either the analog or the smartwatch side. The watch features a strap that connects the body. The watch face acts as a hinge that switches the analog and smartwatch. You can flip to whatever side depending on your need at the moment.

Two Face Analog Smartwatch Design

Two Face Analog Smart Watch Concept

Two Face Watch Features

Like a classic analog watch, the Two Face boasts a smooth round dial. The other side offers the same smooth touchscreen experience most smartwatches offer. The concept design was from several years ago but it remains a timeless project that may be considered for production. It may probably not sell as much as more modern smartwatches but the one-of-a-kind timepiece can be sought after by modern watch collectors.

Two Face Analog Smart Watch Concept Specs

Two Face Analog Smart Watch Wireless Charger

Two Face is designed by South Korean designers Junguk Shin, Euikyun Koh, and Dawn BYSJ. It is designed to work with a wireless charger. You simply remove the watch from the strap and attach it to a wireless charger. Once attached to the charger, it looks like a pocket watch from decades ago but with a more modern and seamless look and feel.

Two Face Analog Smart Watch Concept Features

Two Face Analog Smartwatch Concept

The Two Face watch literally has two faces and each side shows the watch type. We’re just interested in its real thickness. It appears thin as per the rendered images but since there are two watch mechanisms, it should be thicker.

The designers presented the analog dial in different colors. It’s not impossible to have several color options. What techie lovers will look at are the specs and features of the smartwatch. We’re assuming it can run most wearable OS available and have the basic smartwatch functionalities.

Two Face Analog Smart Design

Two Face Analog Smart Watch Concept 2

Two Face Analog Smart Design Color

Two Face Analog Smart Design Color