Vonmercier Arosa is the first luxury hovercraft in the world

Vonmercier Arosa Design Concept

Hovercrafts used to be just a dream. Well, there aren’t really flying cars available but we believe time will come they will proliferate the skies. For now, we look at the Arosa and start imagining about that future.

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop dreaming. We won’t. We’ll go on thinking about the day when all the futuristic gadgets and designs we’ve seen or imagined will become a reality. Someday, we’ll get to fly and hover in style. When we say hovercraft these days, we mean those amphibious types the can go off-road. Someday, an electric hovercraft will be able to do more but let’s allow the Arosa Hovercraft to show us what it can do.

Designer: VonMercier

Vonmercier Arosa Hovercraft

VonMercier’s Arosa Hovercraft is an electric hovercraft. It combines two innovations that are currently creating a lot of buzz–the hover technology used on drones and the electric automotive tech. This amphibious vehicle boasts a luxury design and offers premium performance technologies that are proving to be really useful.

The luxury sports hovercraft is the first in the world. We’ve seen a number of hovercraft designs but not as luxurious as the Arosa. At first glance, it looks like a luxury sports car. The red paint makes it one attractive vehicle. You can be sure people won’t miss it whether on land, water, or shore.

Vonmercier Arosa Concept Design

The Arosa can hover over different terrains—the road, gravel, pavement, or grass. You can easily transition to water with the air cushion hovering mechanism that makes everything seamless. This is probably something you’d want to drive when there’s a flood or when you want to cross any river or body of water.

Vonmercier Arosa Luxury Sports Hovercraft

For when you’re traveling to a new place, you can use the Arosa to explore the shores or any hidden cove nearby in a safe and convenient manner. It’s really an amphibious vehicle that can travel over different surfaces. It works by traveling on a cushion of air.

The “hovering” act makes it seem the vehicle is flying. It looks like it so we won’t be surprised if a flying version will be designed next. The Arosa is closer to that concept and still looks great. The design of the hovercraft is that it’s easy to maneuver, thanks to a patented directional control system. The innovation allows more advanced maneuverability in all directions—reverse, lateral, or forward.

Vonmercier Arosa Design

The modern hovercraft design still offers that classic sports car look with that side thrust, front end, and low profile body. As with most amphibious vehicles, this comes with marine features like an open cockpit and side decks. It still looks like a supercar so it can be street legal.

The Arosa is expected to be always ready for the road or the water. It comes with a premium design that includes metal alloys and carbon fiber. These materials are high-end and offer protection for the drive. But then there is a call to work on smart manufacturing techniques so prices will be affordable.

Vonmercier Arosa Hovercraft Concept

The two-seater hover sports car runs on a high voltage battery pack. There are three independent electric motors inside the vehicle that keeps it moving. Those motors also allow steady lift and controlled thrust for powerful maneuvering and acceleration sans the noise. The mechanism also helps reduce pollution levels.

The Arosa sports hovercraft uses different construction techniques as well learned from the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries. The upper decks make it easy to enter coming from a dock. On the other hand, its lower decks make it easier for the rider to board from the water.

Vonmercier Arosa Concept Design 3

Vonmercier Arosa Hovercraft Idea

Vonmercier Arosa Concept Design 4