The Ultimate Bike Handle

Okay first of all, WOW. The simply named Bike Lock probably took some real ingenuity to create and I would LOVE to see a prototype. The handle itself can be detached from the main frame and used as modified bike lock but wait, there’s more. It can also function as a bike stand when you park it indoors. CLEVER!

Designer: Sang Min Yu


  • Jim says:

    Bark a bicycle, woof, woof!

  • kuruvata says:

    He could take it one more step by making the main handle into a bicycle pump. Form it into the stand and a tube is hidden on the bottom side… simply pull it out, then you can start pumping! 😀

  • Ronzalpha says:

    that is a good idea, but having a bike pump means having a more hollow frame, meaning a less durable handbar. Also, the pump would be so small, that it would be more efficient to get a bigger, dedicated pump. Nice idea though 🙂

  • Dixon says:

    Other than riding slow in flat terrain, this is nice in concept only. That attachment would not hold the handlebar if a person yanks on the bar during a climb or accelerating from a stop. Handlebars on production bicycles are so heavily clamped because it is a high stress point.

  • Dutch designer Basten Leijh graduated in 2002 at Design Academy Eindhoven (New York Times’ “School of Cool”) on a design that bike-manufacturer Giant bought from him. They produced this as model: ‘Giant Downtown’ which was a huge succes in The Netherlands and Taiwan.

    It has an identical handlebar-and-at-the-same-time-a-lock-system as Sang Min Yu’s. Plagiarism? Judge for yourself. See Leijh’s design from 2002:

  • Suni says:

    I think bicycle handle bars are fatal to humans(riders),
    and the idea increase a potential risk that handle bars come off from stem accidentally..

    Do riders and bicycle makers want to take a that kind of risk (in exchange for a little benefit) ?
    I do take a normal chain lock, sorry…

  • Fantastic! I think it is a great design

  • Dorian Gray says:

    Fantastic design! Though I wonder where will be the key, or keypad?

  • Marn says:

    I saw the freewheel on rear wheel,
    but there is no lever on handle?

    and the way that handle fix on the stem looks very unreliable, it may brake when someone dancing the bike.

  • mukesh says:

    Hope this handle design make back spin bone pain when continue usage.

  • Carolyn says:

    I like the concept of combining handlebar and padlock – like all good concepts it is simple and effective.

    Benefits include:

    It offers multiple grip positions.

    It is less easy to ride a bike without handlebars

    Since I like to lock both wheels, and it is even harder to ride a bike without a saddle or handlebars, I wonder if a quick-release saddle could also be doubled up with a locking mechanism.

    Seeing other comments, I wonder if a fold-down map-holder could be integrated to hold it firmly in place.

    I’m happy with gear levers on my frame but miss the double brake leavers when I changed from dropped handlebars to wider straight ones – which didn’t constrict my chest so much. So maybe your leavers could be longer? Putting them through the stem is also a clean solution – I like that idea too.

    I look forward to a developed product coming on the market.

  • jaryn miller says:

    haha thanks ronald, the senza is my design.

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