A compact PC chassis design built to keep your computer cool without taking up too much space

Fractal Design launched two new compact PC chassis designs to keep your PC cool without taking up too much space.

The premium PC hardware builders with Fractal Design know computers. Known for its long-lasting collection of cases, cooling, power supplies, and accessories, Fractal Design is a PC hardware company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. When Fractal Design first came out with the Define R2 cooling case, it was a game-changer.

Since then, Fractal Design has been releasing PC chassis designs that feature high-density sound dampening material, integrated fans for airflow, as well as water-cooling capabilities. Today, they’ve released two new PC chassis designs, the Torrent Nano and the Torrent Compact.

The Torrent Nano “is built to maximize cooling potential straight out of the box,” as the Fractal designers put it. While the Torrent Nano is compact by design, it comes equipped with a Fractal Design 180 x 38 mm fan that leverages the power, size, and thickness of massive air-moving capacity.

Built to save space, the Torrent Nano is still capable of handling up to 3-slot thick 335 mm long GPUs. Fractal Design also integrated a removable top bezel and routing clips with cable ties to ensure seamless installation and easy cable management.

The Torrent Compact differs from the Torrent Nano in that it hosts two 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM fans and an open-front grille design. To maximize airflow and performance potential, the interior of the Torrent Compact is left open and the top is mounted with PSU to provide plenty of breathing room. This PC chassis design also features an expansive base that allows for added fan support, which in turn provides exceptional GPU cooling potential when the bottom PCI slot is free.

Designer: Fractal Design