Meet the LEGO Globe – so you can make your travel plans while spinning on its axis

Did you know, it is more lucrative to invest in LEGO as compared to gold? According to a study, the valuation of second-hand LEGO sets escalates by 11 percent annually. That’s way faster than the gold’s rate of return, stocks, stamps, or wine. No doubt LEGO Ideas and independent creators have been on a roll lately, announcing cool LEGO sets one after another. You can say LEGO lovers are in ecstasy these days, having a hard time choosing which ones to add to the collection (or should I say investment portfolio) and which ones to let go of.

Designer: Guillaume Roussel

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The LEGO M 1000 RR scale model, LEGO Sony PlayStation 5 replica, LEGO Sun Earth Moon Orrery and LEGO DeLorean are all on my checklist. And there’s one more going into the list of LEGO investments to secure my future. This is LEGO Ideas germinated “The Globe” originally thought of by LEGO Group member, Guillaume Roussel who was inspired by the tales of Jules Verne. In the initial phase France-based, LEGO fanatic asked himself the question – “what could be creative, educational, and touch most of the world?” The answer was pretty easy “the world itself’.” Hence, came to life this 2585-piece LEGO set displaying the realistic, and customizable vintage brick-built earth globe.

Once the user assembles the tricky LEGO set piece by piece, it spins too, and the printed names of the continents and oceans glow in the dark. According to LEGO Group Head of Global Marketing for Adults, Federico Begher, ““What is so wonderful about this set is that, with a little imagination, it allows fans to discover the world through LEGO bricks. The globe is a symbol of dreams and aspirations of travel to come for all who are seeking a bit of adventure or for those looking to learn about our world.”

Apparently, this LEGO set for everyone on the planet will arrive on February 1st in the US for $199.99, in Canada for $269.99 and in the UK for £174.99 and €199.99.